Glamour Expo Freebies and Dollarbies

Glamour Expo 2009 is currently being held at the Vanity Universe sim.  They are also taking donations for Care, which helps give food to the hungry in Africa.  There are dollarbies (and also items a bit more expensive) here if you look carefully.  A few highlights:

slblog4_001In the store to the left, you can find a dress for L$10 and a box of dollarbie shoes (though the box says Free, kind of suspicious!).  The SURL to each location can be found by clicking on the respective picture.

slblog5_001At the store to the right you can  get a freebie that includes a free skin, shape, and face light.

slblog6_001At Kunglers you can get a free scarf.  Perfect for those breezy autumn days.

And I found another outfit, a ’50s dress, for L$1–it’s down the corridor from Kunglers.  Unfortunately as I was about to take the picture I crashed…so I’ll have to add the picture later.


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